CM-CDT Online Application

CM-CDTBefore you begin the online application process for the CM-CDT studentship, please read the Application Guide. It contains important information regarding the submission of references and other requirements. You will be asked to confirm that you have read this document. In addition, please read all the information on this page before starting the application process.

A graduate student


  • All applications must be made online.



The four steps in the application process

  1. Check that your web browser is suitable
  2. Prepare your application
  3. Complete and submit the five-part online form
  4. Arrange for your references to be uploaded to the SUPA Central website

Application Guide

The Application Guide contains important information regarding your submission. Please read it carefully.


Application Guide (pdf)

Reference Guidance

Please download the Reference Guidance and send or give a copy to each of your two referees.


Reference Guidance (pdf)


Further details about each step in the process

STEP 1 - Check the browser requirements


The form requires you to use a modern web browser with javascript enabled. It would be advisable to update any version you are using to be sure that the process will work smoothly.

STEP 2 - Prepare your application


Please prepare the following before starting the application form:

  1. Your contact details, including a valid email address that you will check daily during the application process period.
  2. The contact details of two referees who have agreed to provide references for you.
  3. Details of your higher education (after high school) academic record and any English language qualifications (including scores and grades) if applicable.
  4. Details of your academic achievements, prizes, awards and publications.
  5. A prepared statement of your interest in the CM-CDT of research (approx. 200 words).
  6. A prepared statement of what makes you a suitable candidate for a SUPA CM-CDT Studentship (approx. 200 words).
  7. Optional: a scanned transcript of your first degree (after high school) in pdf format.

STEP 3 - Complete and submit the application form


Once you have read the Application Guide and prepared your submission, you may begin the application.

Completed applications must be submitted to SUPA. At the end of the process you will be given an application reference id number. Make a careful note of this number.

STEP 4 - Arrange for your references to be uploaded to SUPA Central


Your referees will be contacted with details of how they can upload their references for you directly to SUPA Central once you have submitted the completed form.  You are responsible for ensuring that your two named referees supply references. You must provide us with a valid email address for each of your referees. They will be sent a link to an online upload facility.

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